About Us

What are the moments in your life when you feel the loss in control? Your realest self? One day, we were like you.

You know what you bring to the table. So bring it.

Whether you’re a worker, self-employed or jobless — our mission at Kakebo is to help you gain control over your cash flow and expenses.

We didn’t create this company. You did.

We started Kakebo with just the expense tracking software in mind. But you wanted more. So we listened to you and created the first to market, most revolutionary online personal finance coaching software.

Escaping the rat race, healthy money relationship and retirement plan are only the beginning. We’re here for the conversation, so keep talking.

We’re committed to helping the next 100 million people to stop living paycheck to paycheck.

Dmitriy Melihov

Co-founder, CEO

So far we’re company of two, I manage all-hands from support to development.

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Alexey Polovinkin, Co-founder, Strategy manager
Alexey Polovinkin

Co-founder, Strategy manager

Finance expert. Product adviser, roadmapping.