Pricing Plans

Every plan comes with an identical set of features. The difference between them are programs that you would participate in, and they're tailored to your current financial situation.

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Help! I'm broke

Stop living between paychecks


Break the
"living from paycheck to paycheck" cycle

Automated financial planning
to become debt-free

Learn how to get aligned with your family about financial decisions

Develop habits on how to save
USD $1 000 into your first
emergency fund

Discounts and free use available for early adopters


Build your financial foundation


Learn how to value your talents
to get paid what you deserve

Learn how to "pay yourself first",
develop habits how to constantly save at least 10% into your emergency
fund for up to 6 months of living expenses, then start saving for
passive income

Upgrade from the Starter plan
when you're ready


Build passive income stream

$1 200/year

Learn how to save 40% of your revenue for investing in passive income

Upgrade from the Grow plan
when you qualify