How it works

We’ve reverse-engineered how wealthy people manage their cash flow and based on that made a tool which would help you to become financially independent family or individual in three simple steps.

Your financial problem
is not unique

70% of the world population is struggling with their money.

Expenses are going wild

Cost of goods and services is growing faster than your income.

You can’t afford what you want and need

Probably, debts are burning you out.

Make Better Money Decisions. Realtime.

Technically speaking, Kakebo so far is another personal finance budgeting and expense tracking tool. But what’s the difference from others?

Easy to use by the entire family

People who you care the most and who you share your money with would love using it together with you.


Computer AI is built in its core. You will feel like having a personal finance consultant 24x7. Just take the steps they recommend, and you’ll step into financial freedom much faster than on your own.


A single place for all your personal finance education for books, videos, articles. Adjusted to your current financial situation and goals.

Act now

With Kakebo you would need one hour per week to organize your cash flow to get out of all debts quickly and save $1,200 for your emergency fund.

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